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Location Intelligence and Data analytics

Information via
Geospatial Platform

Agricultre & Smart Farming

We provide the solution for smart farming using Earth Observation technology over farmland that can be used for smart agriculture.

Location Intelligence

Location based services gives the transparent, Real Time information that can be monitor via spatial Platform.

Survey and Mapping

We provides survey and mapping solution using drone technolgoy, Remote sensing application, Geographic Information System (GIS) and Urban and Rural Planning.

Location Analytics

Geographic, traffic Information, From weather to MAP, organizations gain location intelligence Platform

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An interactive web-based mapping application which provides crops health, Yield infomration, crops damage information using Satellites, drones based survey.

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GIS Mapping and Survey

Geospatial application integrated with Public health, Navigation, Transport network planning and management, Urban and Rural plannin, forest and Mining survey and mapping.

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Who we are

"Geoverse is a location intelligence and IT based servcies provider. Our various Solution integrated with Geospatial information including the agri-climate-ecosystem, Land survey Audit, Drone survey and Mapping, Forest and Mining Surveyd, Rural and Urban Planning, agricultural operations".
Using cutting-edge technology like Data Analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and remote sensing, Geoverse creates an interconnected spatial data platform. Geoverse helps organizations to digitize their system on Location based informative decision making support system.
IT Consulting- Driving tight delivery roadmap for Information Technolgoy and Consulting-services.

Our Spatial Platform

Spatial Informatics Resources-Geo SIRGEO